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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SM 2 and 3: optional web topics 2004

Interesting Places in Singapore and Memory of Singapore

Students' Choice in 2004 (Published on their Geocities Web Page which is not available now)

Great World Cities at Kim Seng Road
What to see: 9-12 Toilets with Thematic Deco

Parkview Square near Bugis Junctions
What to see: Statutes of famous personalites like Plato, Newton & Danty etc...

Orchid Garden at Botanic Garden
What to see: Orchid in four "seasons?"

National Institute of Education in NTU Campus
What to see: Library, Building of different Schools etc

Nanyang Technological University
What to see: Yunnan Garden, Chinese Heritage Centre, Nantah Lake, Canteen 1 and Lee Wei Nan Library

Singapore Memory and Singapore from the perspective of Chinese Scholars, 2004

A Colourful Singapore

Singapore and Everyone

Different Places Introduced in Students' Pages
*Sentosa *Singapore River *Life in NIE

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