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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A new phase of existence

A new phase of existence begin today. I have more space created today with an additional 40 sq ft of display cum work area added to my home office.

The freedom I gain from the space allows me to revise my conception of life.

I know it is time to take more creative move.

It is not a risk as I am not speculating or trading it with any of my financial returns.

Being considerate and putting other needs before me, luck seem to support me in an insolent manner, allowing me to sensibly increase my gains with a minimum of effort.

However, I have to avoid letting myself intoxicated with the mood of success.

Being contended yet don't fall into the trap of an easy life.

I tend to choose works that I like and within my capacity.

I am comfortable with work that other think it is hard and unbearable, like understanding library classification systems (DDC or LC), Chinese Language (Simplify or Traditional stokes), teaching & training, 3D display for schools & advance information & database search, libraries and many innovative art and craft, gift wrapping and flower arrangement ideas, etc...

Being a workaholic I tend to immerse in work and forget about time.

A lot of things like food and drinks are essential yet not critical to me. I need to eat regular meals and have tea breaks to refresh my mind, yet time for lunch can be 11.30am or depending on work flow and schedule on my calendar.

Having an afternoon nap is not a fix pattern in my daily life, yet with a short and power nap once in a while do make a day recharged with lot of extra energy.

For the interest of my physical and mental health, I have to beware of overwork!

It is for my best interests and for my body to have chance to move about physically.

Travelling to other countries if I have a chance once or twice a year is great.

If I am unable to see new things outside Singapore, I will create some new experience by visit all kinds of exhibitions and libraries, attending performance, meeting friends and work groups.

Being on the move and able to mix new ideas with old experiences make me feel good about myself.

Nevertheless, I have to be a little reasonable with the schedule of my own work and activities and do not over "book" myself with too many things on my calendar.

When a day is overfill with too many events, I may just take away one or two activities and make room to rest or breath normally.

With that kind of give and take, I can flow with less stress from over commit myself with too many task and activities.

Dexterine Ho

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