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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guy Kawasaki presents 'The Art of Innovation' for Informatics Ventures

Guy Kawasaki spoke at Informatics Ventures on the 29 April, 2009:

Key points:
* Making meaning
* Create mantra
* Jump the big curve - not just 10% more
* Great service
* Don't worry- be crappy
* Polarize people
* Let 100 flowers blossom

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I am grateful for all of my problems.

After each one was overcome, I became stronger and more able to meet those that were still to come.

I grew in all my difficulties.

-- James Cash Penney (1875-1971, Founder of J.C. Penney Department Stores)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The future of the past

Today, I attended the following professional talk organised by NLB Professional & International Relations (PIR):

Topic : ‘The future of the past’: how the Bodleian is facing the changing role of libraries as storehouses and knowledge and engines for scholarship

Speaker : Mr Richard Ovenden, Deputy Librarian, Bodleian Libraries
Date  : 13 June 2012 Wednesday
Time : 10.30am – 11.45am (Please be seated by 10.15am.)
Venue : Possibility Room, Level 5, National Library Building

I enjoyed the talk and find it very inspiring as Mr Richard Ovenden gave a detailed account of the current challenges and future development of the Bodleian libraries. 

The way the libraries managed the changing role of libraries as storehouses and knowledge and engines for scholarship, moving a collection of 8 million books to a salt mine 100 miles away is something I cannot forget.  With the relocation of physical collection, the Bodleian Libraries is able to keep the libraries in Oxford University for readers who enjoyed studying, accessing e-resources and working in the library.

On the topic on "space and place", the question and answer is insightful for me to take note and share with readers here:

* Given the abundance of digital, does library space continue to be important?

* Yes! 

As statistics from around the world continue to demonstrate library space continue to be important as readers like to read or study in the library as the physical library give the following positive input:

- ablilty to concentrate
- social aspect of collective concentration
- atmosphere of "study" very important to learners
- library as safe place to study
- libraries "inspire" learning  through archtecture and design

Even accessing e-resources or databases which is available online anywhere, the "collective concontration" the physical library provide to hard to gain elsewhere!

Speaker’s Profile

Richard Ovenden was educated at Durham University and University College London, and has worked as a professional librarian since 1985. 

He has served on the staff of Durham University Library, the House of Lords Library, the National Library of Scotland (as Deputy Head of the Rare Books Section), at the University of Edinburgh (as Director of Collections), and since 2003 at the Bodleian Libraries Oxford (first as Keeper of Special Collections and since 2011 as Deputy Librarian, the Bodleian Libraries).

Richard sits on the Panel of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, is a Trustee of the Krazsna Kraus  Foundation and of the Victoria County History for Oxfordshire, serves on the Council of the Bibliographical Society and is currently Chair of the Digital Preservation Coalition. 

He has published widely on the history of collecting, the history of photography and on professional concerns of the library, archive, and information world. 

Recently Richard headed Oxford’s involvement with the Google mass digitization project. He holds a Professorial Fellowship at St Hugh’s College, Oxford.

LAS Professional Development Scheme (PDS) Points: 46

Source of information:
email from dated 8 June 2012

Thursday, June 07, 2012

WSQ/LAS Level 2 training for Support Collection Maintenance Works on 2 – 3 July

Just received the following email announcement from Library Association of Singapore (LAS)


LAS is pleased to organize the another run of the WSQ/LAS Level 2
training for Support Collection Maintenance Works  on 2 – 3 July

This 2 day course will be held at Agatha Room, Level 3, Toa Payoh
Public Library


This is one of the 5 competency based programmes at entry level which
together form the WSQ Higher Certificate in Library and Information

Important Note:

§  Upon successful registration for the training, you will receive a
confirmation message & email.

§  The registration page will also display a message when the class is
full. You will not be able to key in personal particulars when this

§  The course fees are listed

§  On enrolment, you are deemed to have committed to both the training
and proposed assessment dates.

§  Participants or institutions who wish to withdraw from an enrolled
course must submit reason(s) in writing to<mailto:>. Where notice of
withdrawal is given before the start of the course, an administrative
fee of $25 is payable to facilitate the withdrawal from the course.

§  Please view full Terms & Conditions for LAS WSQ Level 2

For more information on the module, please refer to the training

Registration will close with maximum of 17 registrants.

Organized by:
LAS Training & Development Committee

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

瞬间强肾法 - Massaging UB 23 For Health & Longevity!


Dr. Wu Guozhong (Beijing) teaches this quick method of boosting kidney health from his teacher, Hu Haiya (98). And Nan Huaijin (南怀瑾) (94) also uses a similar method of placing his hands over his kidneys and rocking back & forth...

General instructions from another user:

- Stand relaxed in zhan zhuang with feet shoulder-width apart & make 2 relaxed fists, curling your forefingers & thumbs.

- Place the flat "eye" tops of your fists over both UB 23 (肾兪/shen4 shu4) acupoints, on either side of 命门 (ming4 men2) on your back (level with your navel).

- Bounce up & down on your heels while making sure that your body stays relaxed, allowing your fists to rub UB 23.

- Don't jump from your knees like a frog, but bounce mostly from your feet, heels & calves.
The other similar method is available via:


這個方法還適合中老年人養生,人老腿先衰,腰腿通相聯,其實是腎氣衰了,按摩腎腧有直接補腎的功效。中老年人平時動一動,腎氣足了,自然腰背也就不彎了。 "




一個人活到101歲(2010年時),又沒病痛,牙齒全口真牙,不戴眼鏡能讀報紙,一定有其養生之道,人瑞崔介忱 先生(101歲),他的長壽健康法:
飯勿吃太飽,覺要睡得好,運動每天做,營養不可少, 盡量找快樂, 切莫尋煩惱 ,赤子心常在, 百年也不老, 不作虧心事, 人格比天高, 為人不貪墨, 子孫也逍遙。


101歲人瑞崔介忱先生養生法 :  賴永沛的筆記本

一個人活到101歲,又沒病痛,一定有其養生之道,終於在2010.8.4 有幸與人瑞崔介忱先生(101)見面,請教他的長壽健康法:

飯勿吃太飽覺要睡得好,運動每天做,營養不可少, 盡量找快樂, 切莫尋煩惱 ,赤子心常在, 百年也不老, 不作虧心事, 人格比天高, 為人不貪墨, 子孫也逍遙

健康狀況: 沒有病痛,雙腿分開近180度,彎腰向前,頭輕鬆碰到地面,腳拿起來掛在脖子上,身體如幼兒般超軟,體力超好,可伏地挺身108下。

外表: 穿著整齊(穿西裝結領帶),身體挺拔沒帶眼鏡,沒有假牙,聽力正常,聲音宏亮,頭腦清楚,態度謙虛,看起來像80歲。

自述: 人類的正常年齡應是20~255~7倍,也就是125歲到175健康長壽的秘訣就是「營養夠、睡眠夠、運動夠、心情愉快」。66歲退休前如一般人,也有疾病與老化現象,退休後即開始每天不間斷的運動,晨起先開窗戶,讓氣流通,接著在長床上做「床上保健功夫」這套養生功是民國22年從軍到東北時,清涼寺的光明法師所傳授,他每天勤練,退休前的老花眼青光眼也無藥而癒。退休到現在沒有去過醫院,用過健保卡。

1.     長壽之道第一是開心樂觀,不計較的態度。第二是生活規律,順天地,第三是多運動,累了也要動。
2.     每日練床上保健功二十式(胎息、梳頭、揉眼、擺臀、搓耳根等廿個動作)
3.     龜息法是呼吸細自然有恆,來完全放鬆,產生自我修護力。
4.     早餐一定吃,豆漿稀飯什麼都可,不奢侈。
5.     早餐飯後在住家附近的大安森林公園散步
6.     走得到的地方 一定徒步
7.     飲食以多蔬果為主,什麼都吃,不挑食。
8.     少吃肉類、油炸冰冷、重辣重鹹的食物。
9.     不吃甜的食物。
10.  不迷信有機產品,買一般市場蔬菜,先泡水20分鐘,再沖洗烹調。
11.  不吃鮑魚魚翅等高貴品,粗茶淡飯。
12.  晚上7:00後除喝水,什麼都不吃。
13.  不吃抽煙不喝酒,不吃檳榔。
14.  健腦保健法一;十指由前額往後腦梳頭108次。
15.  健腦保健法二;雙手分別置於前額及後腦,左右橫搓108次。
16.  健腦保健法三;打麻將,不過堅持只打八圈,而且絕對不熬夜。
17.  牙齒保健法一:上大號時,專心的咬牙切齒,這樣牙齒不會退化的。
18.  牙齒保健法二: 不用牙膏,只用牙刷沾鹽來刷牙。
19.  眼睛保健法一:拇指尖壓按眼內角睛明穴108次。
20.  眼睛保健法二:中無名指置眼眶上,由內向外磨擦108次。
21.  眼睛保健法三:鹽乾刷牙時所流出口水來擦拭眼球。
22.  聽力保健法一;食指中指夾住耳朵上下搓揉108次。
23.  聽力保健法二;中指在耳前中上部位搓揉108次。
24.  聽力保健法三;雙手搓揉整個耳朵36次。
25.  胃腸保健法一;雙手中間三指放在肚臍上,順時鐘轉81圈。
26.  膀胱保健法一;雙手重疊放在肚臍下,搓揉108次。
27.  腰痛保健法一;躺下,雙腿向腹部伸回再踢出108次。
28.  痔瘡保健法一;躺下,雙腿腳尖向身體板,同時縮肛10次。
29.  腿力保健法一;躺下,右腳腳尖向身體板,同時整腿直不彎上提36次。
30.  肩膀保健法一;兩手交叉握住,由腹部往頭上舉36次。
31.  臂腰保健法一;胡伏地挺身36次。
32.  疾病自癒保健;盤腿靜坐深呼吸36次。(舌抵上顎肉,鼻吸口吐)

Source of information:

101歲人瑞崔介忱先生養生法 :  賴永沛的筆記本




Monday, June 04, 2012




Use "蕭宏慈老師拉筋拍打分享會" and search for the rest in the youtube search box! There are 14 parts in total
These video are the demonstration:

Amazing self healing method from Hongchi Xiao

Saturday, June 02, 2012

How one can remain so high-spirited

I think we may wonder how one can remain so high-spirited, and the person may not even know the answer.

I gues it is the true sense of purpose shining through all the tedium paths and makes it meaningful to the person to take the journey.

To move rapidly and get things done takes more than an understanding of the job. It takes organization and other skills, attitude and knowledge.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Heart in your hand

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I try many of the heart cutting ideas with grand nieces and newphew at home and they like cutting paper heart shape very much.

I am sure this one will make them amazed with their own hand works!

If you keep the shape of the heart in the centre and make it pop-up, it will be interesting for kids to play!

If you add a book in the heart, it will send the message of "I read reading", "I love book", or "Reading is in my heart"

Another idea of using this cut-out is to put the cut-out as the messge page in any greeting card and make the card a personal one - "sending it with my heart and deliver it with own my hands"!

The ideas of using a simple cut-out can be endless, and I think you will keep the imagination running ...

Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

CD case to store pre-cut letters

Bedtime books: display idea

I enjoy collecting ideas on book display.  Here is one that I like!

Creating a bed and all kinds of figures from paper cutting is an eye-catching way to draw readers to the book display.

I have conducted bulletin board and books display workshop for primary and secondary schools.  If you and your school/library need someone to guide you on creating display for book promotion, school open house or classroom bulletin board display, just feel free to write to me (email: or

Some course outline of workshops for teachers, librarians and students are listed below:

Designing 3D books etc...

Creating Innovative Hanging Mobiles

Creative Bulletin Board & Innovative Displays