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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Life is about creating yourself

Life is not about funding yourself, but is about creating yourself!

-- Quotation I heard sometime back!

Many of us focus our life on earning a living to fund ourselves!

Nevertheless, it is true that funding our daily living will be easier if we can focus our energy in creating something of use to others!

When you can create something good and useful for people, it will fund your life with ease!

Dexterine Ho

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

De-Schedule my calendar

Lately I took a look at my calendar and do some de-scheduling.

Besides fulfiling my many obligations, I de-schedule some downtime for yourself.

On my mobile phone calendar, I write down something simple that I would love to do if I have the time: including projects I keep putting off, movie and TV programme I wish to watch and courses that I like to attend.

For examples:

Sunday: Watch morning Lecture Programme on Star Hub Cable vision channel 50

Monday: Attend a talk or write a blog

Tuesday: Movie with a friend or find 15-30 minutes to call an old friend

Wednesday: Practise Piano for an hour

Thursday: Teo Chew Opera Singing

Friday: Marketing

Saturday: Visit library or art exhibition.

It is hard to make having time for yourself a priority, nevertheless after putting it on the calendar, I make it an indulgence I don't have time to skip.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Make helping other a daily routine

If you wanted to start a career helping others and wonder how to do it.

Just start to incorporate that urge into your daily routine.

Find out the underdog in the family, in your circle of friends or office, and become their "mentor" and help them walk out from their darkness.

Learn to be an observer

Sometime, irrational or impulsive reactions will just make things worst.

Learn to be an observer, study and wait for the proper moment to discuss the issue.

A better outcome may derive from the discussion.

Appreciate the gifts

Once in a while, I have to remind and tell myself to maintain my cool and appreciate the gifts rather than focusing on problems!

If I can just try to maximize my gifts and do what I do best, I will have a good day!