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Friday, February 25, 2011

Visit to Micrographics Data Pte Ltd

The Programmes and Social Committee, LAS organised a field trip to Micrographics Data Pte Ltd today!

Micrographics Data Pte Ltd is a local supplier of micrographics and preservation equipment. Areas of service include microfilming, document scanning, specialised book/print binding and repairs.

For more details on their service and product, visit Micrographics Data at

I would like to say that it is an enriching experience for me to see how collection maintenance is done at  Micrographics Data.

If you are  member of LAS, and miss the tour in Feb, do sign up for the next tour on 25 March.

The following is the details of my visit today:

Date: 25 February 2011 (Friday)

Time: 3 pm - 5 pm

Meeting Point:
Micrographics Data Pte Ltd
Blk 115A Commonwealth Drive #02-16
Tanglin Halt Industrial Estate
Singapore 149596

Itinerary of the tour:

Time / Programme
3.00 pm
Meet at Micrographics Data Pte Ltd
3.10 - 3.30 pm
Topic: Conservation & Preservation of Library Materials. By Pia Josephine (Paper & Book Conservator)
3.35 – 4.00 pm
Topic: A New Approach to Digital Preservation. By Kelvin Emmanuel (Director of Micrographics Data)
4.05 – 5.30pm
Q and A, Factory Tour of two sections: Preservation of Printed materials and Microfilming services
5.35 – 5.55pm
Refreshment and Interaction
5.55 - 6.00 pm
Receiving Gift from Micrographic Data and End of session

For those who are unable to make it to the tour, here are some useful information  for librarians or anyone who are intertest in information preservation.

Visit the site and you will get more details.

About Micrographics Data
"Micrographics Data Pte Ltd is a Document Management and Preservation company which was incorporated in 1989 and remains one of the longest-running service providers in Singapore.

Micrographics Data provides a one-stop microfilming ...
... an innovative company, producing ... in-house environment-friendly processing chemistry Fixer and Eco-Developer, which are ready to use in deep tanks or tabletop-type processors.

... developed ... proprietary document management software, eZee AdminTM, for easy retrieval, keyword search and many other standard features of document management.

The latest innovative line of products is a COM equipment – ArchiveImage Writer, AW 1 Series. The AW 1 Series converts digital files directly onto a 16mm/35mm standard archival microfilm in either negative or positive master (B/W & Colour)...

...Micrographics Data has built over the years the only commercial document preservation department that has an Anoxic Chamber using nitrogen gas for disinfestation.

This state-of-the-art Anoxic Chamber effectively destroys larvae of all types of insects completely with its unique disinfestation process. It is safe and non-toxic thus preserving the original state of the articles. Micrographics Data also customises metal-edge archival boxes and supplies various types of acid-free boards (buffered and unbuffered) for storing precious items such as photographs, maps, manuscripts, treaties, etc..."

For more details, visit:


Micrographics Data uses only ISO-standard archival quality microfilm because no other media offers such long-time storage capabilities...

Paper to Microfilm Conversion
(a) Roll Films

(b) Microfiche

Digital to Microfilm Conversion

For more details, visit:
Digital Scanning
  • Document Scanning Services

  • Book Scanning Services 
  • Microfilm Scanning Services

Document Preservation

Products: Micrographics equipment & Preservation equipment

Micrographics equipment

ArchiveImage Writer
Digital technology and software continue to evolve and revolutionise how information is captured, stored and distributed. Today’s rapid changes in IT systems, and especially technological obsolescence in both hardware/software solution and design, pose a real threat: loss of data and information.
ST ViewScan® -

The ST ViewScan® offers the newest and the best solution:

Preservation equipment and products

Colibri Cover System
The CoLibri Pocket Machine is the backbone of the Colibri System. Using the machine in conjunction with our patented book covers , document pockets and gift bags you can easily and quickly protect all types of books, preserve documents and gift wrap a multitude of items in just seconds...

EXPM Book and Document Hygienisation Table with Suction

Protective Masks

Micro-Fibre Electrostatic Duster

EXPM Heavy Duty Wheeled Shelving

Tinyview Plus Data Logger

Museum Vac® with Hepa Filter & Disposable Cartridge

Disposable Latex Gloves

EXPM Archival Box

Iron Horse™ Book Trolleys

For more details, visit:

Consulting service:

Micrographics Data has extensive experience in the document management and preservation arena for over 20 years. They welcome any institute/organisation/individual who is interested in setting up a service bureau in their native country, or looking for solutions to their existing document management or preservation problems, to contact them.

Source of information:


Professional Development Scheme (PDS) Points

Eligible for PDS Points:

This activity attracts 36 points under the Industry Knowledge Development (ID) category.
"Participate in product/services briefing & demonstrations by vendor organized or approved by LAS"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OCLC record: Ho Soo Miang: part 1


Just to share my joys of locating OCLC record under my full name "Ho Soo Miang".

I have all the printed copy of the original texts which are listed in the database.

The text for Items 1-7 is in Chinese; it was my Dissertation (BA Hons.) when I did my degree course in History from Nanyang University.

NUS has the handwritten original Thesis in 1978 as well as the printed version published by Southseas Society in 1979 (one year after my graduation).

Other overseas libraries had acquired the printed copy. Hence, in OCLC it was catalogued as a Thesis, then a Monograph series title, etc...

The text for Item 8 was in English and was written after my sharing session with academic staff at Insitute of Education, Singapore (Now IE is NIE since it was merged with NTU in 1990).

I was the Reference Librarian in 1986 and conducted information and database seaching session which was something new and innovative. Wtih the encouragement from some academic staff and Mr Jim Davies, the Chief Librarian , the document was sent to ERIC (Education Resource Information Centre) Clearing House for their reviewing.

It was selected and then indexed as an ERIC document. If you have the ERIC database, you may see the record in full details with all the ERIC descriptors and identifiers etc...

NIE Library in Singapore has the orginal full text in printed copy, ED document in microfiche and electronic file.

A great discovery to me and it makes my day!


Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Why not" mind set

"Why not" is a slogan for an interesting life.

-- Mason Cooley

I use "Why not" approach to live my life most of the time and I find it interesting to look at many issues and situations differently!

If you have the "Why not" mind set and try this approach at lease three times a day, you will see things from different angles and you will discover new potential of doing things creatively!

Dexterine Ho

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

R & D and Team building

Extracted the following from emails I received and added some details with information I found via web searches for my own reference and just post them here to share with my readers. Hope you find them stimulating and useful.

Some characteristic of RD personnel:


a) 逻辑思维能力强

b) 独立贡献者居多

c) 技术导向性明显

d) 流动意向明显

Characteristic of high performance RD team:


a) 明确的目标(企业目标和个人目标统一)

b) 相互信任(建立信任的基础)

c) 关心、帮助每个人(从方方面面着手最有效)

d) 沟通良好(能有效的沟通)

e) 分工与授权(在具体工作中有效操作)

f) 合理的激励(有足够条件)

g) 合理、完善的制度(制度有效合理)

h) 融洽的团队气氛(用有效方法培养良好的团队气氛)

Methods of team building based on rules of the game:

a) 亚斯兰现象

" 将一群羊用铁丝网圈起来,每天都有羊跳出铁丝网逃走,羊群的数量不断减少。后来将铁丝网通上电,开始还是有羊不断冲击电网,也有的羊因此而死掉。



" 这种原理或是现象应用在管理学上也是非常有效的,在管理最初就要设定好规则,也就是电网,只要违规一定会受罚,而且要坚持,那么每次违规都会被电到,时间就会养成一个习惯。



b) 破窗理论

" 一个房子如果窗户破了,没有人去修补,隔不久,其它的窗户也会莫名其妙地被人打破;一面墙,如果出现一些涂鸦没有被清洗掉,很快的,墙上就布满了乱七八糟、不堪入目的东西;一个很干净的地方,人们不好意思丢垃圾,但是一旦地上有垃圾出现之后,人就会毫不犹疑地抛,丝毫不觉羞愧。"

c) 蛇蛙原理

" 如果知道自己干坏事的人,至少会特别小心谨慎多加注意;如果感觉自己在做好事的人,会满心高兴大张旗鼓地做,以为自己在帮别人。做坏事的人害人利己,以为做好事实则在做坏事的人则害人害己。

... 真有这样的人吗?当然有,而且在日常管理工作中还很常见!

“ 夏日的中午,一个农夫在池塘边休息,忽然看到一只蛇捉住了一只青蛙,想把它当做午餐,农夫看着可怜的青蛙顿生怜悯之心,就对蛇说:‘你看这个青蛙多可怜呀,也许它家里还有不大的孩子需要它抚养呢,你就放了它吧!’蛇说:‘如果放了它,我就得饿死呀。’农夫一想也对,于是拿出了自己的午餐一个牛肉干给蛇,说:‘你放了青蛙吧,我把这个牛肉干给你’,蛇很高兴,放了青蛙,津津有味地吃起了美味的牛肉干。农夫很高兴,因为他今天救了一个生命。第二天中午,农夫又到池塘边休息,忽然发现蛇嘴里叼着两只青蛙,蛇说:‘我今天早上就没有吃东西,感觉特别饿’,于是农夫给了蛇两个牛肉干,蛇吃着牛肉干满心欢喜地走了。农夫更加高兴,因为他今天救了两个生命。第三天中午,当农夫再来到池塘边的时候,马上傻眼了,他看到几十条蛇每只嘴里都叼着两只青蛙……”



d) 火炉法则

" 所谓“火炉法则”,就是把“火炉”烧得红红的,放在那里,本身并不会主动烫人,但只要有人敢于触摸,它就必烫无疑,不会顾及触摸者的身份,人人平等,谁摸烫谁,而且立即处罚,没有下不为例。火炉法则主要有四个特性:





e) 研发人员允许犯什么样的错误,不允许犯什么样的错误

Creating Team Culture:


a) 工程商人 Engineer with Businessman mind-set

"工程师文化关注的是纯技术导向,有着非常强烈的技术倾向, 而工程商人文化需要工程师把产品研发看成“投资”行为,而投资就要考虑投入产出比。"









b) 避免盲目创新 Avoid blind Innovation

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rebuilding our strength...

"Many of us live with a variety of body aches that transform over time but never really go away.

Living in our body demands that we work with our injured muscles and rebuild our strength.

Someday there will be a scientific test that can measure the scar tissue in the heart. Just like those of every other muscle in our body, tears in our hearts repair, but not always in an orderly way."

-----Wendy Strgar

Source of information:
Be Inspired by Love — Book Giveaway!
posted by Wendy Strgar Feb 11, 2011 11:01 am


Read more:

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Help learners to discover it within themselves

You cannot teach people anything. You can only help them to discover it within themselves.

*** Galileo Galilei ***

I believe the heart of Knowledge Management is allowing great conversation between anyone anytime.

*** Marc Auckland ***

As an ex-librarian and now a trainer for support staff in Singapore libraries for WDA course under LAS, I would like to facilitate the discovery of knowledge and be the bridge between conversation of knowledge among learners.

Some of my co-trainers who are ACTA cerfitified had done it!

I am cheering for them and hope to sail in the same boat...

Dexterine Ho