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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Current Time, Around the World

Like to know the international time for all the country at the present moment?


If you are in Singapore and like to know which countries share the same time zone as ours, then

is a good site for you!

The web page created by Martin Zwernemann ( help to tell the Current Time, Around the World

When you open the page, the default time zone is GMT.

You can set the time zone you like to view by choosing the name of the countries listed on the window on the right.

If you like to know which countries follow the same time zone, just view the window on the left.

It also come with a ticking sound to make you feel that time is constantly running.

You may mute the ticking with a click on "Mute Ticking" and let the system read you the time using real audio.

It is fun and handy!

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