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Friday, July 13, 2007

NTU Art, Design and Media Library

Today, LAS Programmes and Social Committee organised a visit the newly opened NTU Art, Design and Media Library, and I am lucky to be one of the participants.

Date : 13 Jul 2007(Friday)
Time: 2:00 pm
Meeting place: NTU Main Library - Lee Wee Nam Library

As an adjunct lecturer for NIE Digital Literacy Skill course for SM2 and SM3 group, I usually spent my between and after teaching hours at various libraries in NIE and NTU.

This newly opened NTU Art, Design and Media Library is my new "LOVE" as I enjoy the ambience and the creative art and design collections.

Nothing is more insightful than listening to the librarians' sharing on the concept and the establishment of the library.

I am glad to be the one of the lucky souls to view the library with a guided tour run by professional librarians from NTU library.

I was introducted to the zone concept within the open space and the use of colours to divide the section. I like the book display area near the entrance of the library as it make the library very inviting to new visitors!

Partition is not a practice in new library design and invisible wall zone is not visible for the "Blind Readers" who are not used to the new design concept.

I think users will learn along the way, and librarians who manage the library need to adapt and adopt a new mind set in the fast changing library landscape!

Dexterine Ho