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Saturday, December 10, 2011

YWCA Christmas Bazaar: A Giving Day for All

YWCA Christmas Bazaar today at Fort Canning Lodge is from 10am to 6pm.

As one of the vendor, Norliza and I came in at 9am t0 9.30am to set up our "Stall 30" on level 2.

We are among the 40+ non-food stalls in the ballroom on the 2nd level of Fort Canning Lodge (FCL). Food stalls are on the ground level in the courtyard with some on the 2nd level outside the ballroom.

Bazaar coupons was used as the method of payment. Coupons can be purchased at the head office at Outram Road before 10 Dec or at the reception areas of Level 1 and 2 today.

Proceeds from each stall were counted and a cheque will be sent to the respective vendors approximately a week after the Bazaar.

Counting of the coupons were staggering at 3 different time slots, namely at 1pm, 4pm and at 6pm at the end of the Bazaar. Counting was done and verified by YWCA staff and the stall vendor.

As coupons are in denominations of $1, we were advised to have our items sold and priced in dollars as no change in cents is possible.

The Christmas Bazaar today, according to the organizer, is bigger and better than last year. Many games stalls run by YWCA were there to attack pre-schoolers and young children. Singing performances, carolling and photo-taking with Santa and the Star Wars Troopers were some of the highlights that make the day filled with Christmas joys!

I share the joys of the Bazaar, and it is a day of giving and sharing for all of us!

I see this Christmas Bazaar a way to promote and create awareness of the courses on "Innovative Displays for Library and Classroom" at and share my paper cutting and pop-up card ideas with the kids at the nominal fee of $1 for one A4 paper crafting experience.

For most of the stall owner, if they are thinking of earning from this one day event "YWCA Christmas Bazaar" would make them feel disappointed, on the contrary, if they see it as an event and opportunity to give away their time, skills, goods or clear some of their home storage space, it is a GOOD day! That will make the day memorable!

My surprise for the day was to meet my Nephews' families and have a fee-based Art and Craft session with two grand-nieces and the only grand-nephew.

As the joys of doing paper art and pop-up card were so contagious, their classmates joined in and do the art and craft on the stage. My friend, Fion's daughter's interest is also being aroused and join in the fun after the kids' session were over.

With Norliza who prepared fruit cake for our lunch and my oranges for our in between break, we have a "Full" and enjoyable day.

I like the "Chinese New Year" scarf Norliza gave me as a present, and I hope she will like the pop-up card with heart shapes "in and out" and star all over to shine her day in and out!

When I was home in the evening, I was happy to continue with my grand nieces and grand nephew on their art and craft session.

And guess what? They still ask me why I was there as it hard to believe that I was there to create fun craft for them.

It was a great surprise to them in the afternoon and equally surprising for other siblings who learn about the event at dinner time.

I think today is a "Giving Day" for all as both my Nephews' families spent a total of $100 at the Bazaar. The pre-school teachers have a great way of promoting the Christmas Spirit by selling coupon through influencing Kids in YWCA branches!

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