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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Telling the Library Story

When I visit the facebook page of LAS (Library Association of Singapore) today , I read with interest "Telling the Library Story - Another way to rebrand the image of Library Professional in ASEAN" with the following details:

Check out on the resources shares ...
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Libraries and story go together like bread and butter. The library is full of stories in all formats and storytelling for all ages, but how well does the library tell its own story? The first step is to understand the intrinsic power of stories and what can be achieved through telling them. The next...

Many a time, the story of the library is told from the readers' perspective, and it is the only way, non librarian, can relate to library as a user/reader.

To promote and create awareness of library services, it is common for librarians to do the same. After all, librarians are user-friendly and very service-orientated.

To me, the story of Library and Library Professionals from the inner circle, is equally interesting and important!

Telling the story of Library Association of Singapore can start with the focus of LAS at each AGM. To trace the discussion of LAS AGM, we have good official sources that documented the proceedings and annual activities: Minutes of the LAS Annual General Meeting and Annual Reports.

Here are some current years' minutes and annual reports on LAS official web page:

For examples:

Minutes of the LAS Annual General Meetingheld on 14 May 2011 (Saturday) at 10.00am at Hotel Furama City Centre.

MINUTES OF THE LAS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Held on 29 Mar 2008 (Saturday) at 2.00pm at Singapore Polytechnic.

The oldest records of minutes and annual reports on the web is 2007, the most current one is 2011.

With that, we can trace some LAS and local library development, not just with our poor memory, but with printed source to counter-check and cross-reference!

Dexterine Ho

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