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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: my reflection

Rely on the ordinary virtues that intelligent, balanced human beings
have relied on for centuries: common sense, thrift, realistic
expectations, patience, and perseverance.

-- John C. Bogle (1929-) American Investor

Looking backward for the last 365 days, my reflection of 2011 from today is:

Learn and practise all the common sense you need. Common sense may look common and simple, yet it is not so simple to those who never thought of acquire them.

Learn and practise basic thrifty habit, like spend within your earning power, or, just buy things you need (not things that you want)!  You will never be poor as you know the way to save for raining days!  With that mind set, you will be able to travel a long way with very little!

Learn and be realistic in your expectations of others.

Learn and be realistic in your own expectations of yourself!

Do not expect other to return the same kindness you give, as you give it away without expecting a return, that is why it is called "Kindness!"

Do not expect yourself to do all the good things that you wish to do, as you have limitations and choose to be good all the time, may tear yourself into pieces!  So be realistic even if you want to be good and kind!

Learn to be patience with others!  Learn to be patience with yourself.

Creative things are easy to conceive, yet hard to construct!  Beautiful things are pleasing to the eyes, yet the process needs both time and patience!

Big things in life happen with a lot of input and and perseverance, being patience and continue with your hard work is the key to success!


Happy 2012!

Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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