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Friday, December 16, 2011

Organization and Creativity

Sometime, I have to hack my way through lots of clutter and disarray, and I know it's time to clean things up.

If the mess gets into my way and prohibits my work flow, that mess is not what I usually claimed: "organized" or "creative" mess.

At this point, I will make organization my own system priority. That can be a major or minor project depending on the needs and time available.

Since I cannot get much done on that day without finding a path to access what I needed, that is the time I have to focus on things that are unwanted "mess" and change it to "organized mess" or "creative mess".

When I get my "organized" or "creative" mess settled on that day, I will be very pleased and contented to navigate through the "organized or creative path" even though other may find the area remains in chaos.

I think it is hard for other to understand the concept of focus with "organized" or "creative" mess around one surrounding/environment, unless whose people are like-minded.

I like to live in the clear environment, yet have high tolerance for seeing and working with "mess" on my desk.

In my life as Librarian and Lecturer, most of the professionals I work with can be classified into two big groups:

One with an organized table/desktop

One with "organized or creative" mess on the table/desktop

To me, working with both groups are equally pleasant, so long as they can get things done and find things they want and need at the critical moment!

If you cannot tolerate mess, you just have to work with one group and not the other. In the long run, you will find something missing in your life and work.

I am glad that I have the open concept on "organization" and "creativity", I look into their mind and soul, and not just what is on their desk top!


Dexterine Ho

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