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Monday, January 21, 2013

Librarians and libraries have potential to make a difference

Today, I just read Mr Aaron Tay's blog, and I like his november's posting on 5 inspirational words of wisdom to librarians:

Librarianship is a difficult road.

I find myself often torn between idealism and cynicism, caught between passion and frustration.

Talking to other librarians, I see the same in them.

Libraries really have so much potential to make a difference and yet it seems obstacles in our path often seem insurmountable.

Aaron Tay posted on Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If you like to the view the full text, here is it:

5 inspirational words of wisdom to librarians

I find Aaron's words tell the feeling of some librarians like him.  I just like to add one word "Librarians" to the last sentence I quoted:

"Librarians and libraries have potential to make a difference and yet it seems obstacles in our path often seem insurmountable."

I was a librarian for over 2 decades, and now a Library Trainer for LAS/WSQ lever 2 courses and a lecturer for INNO HANDS-ON which run courses related to Library Display, Book Making and School Displays etc .  I see the roles of Librarians having the same potential like Aaron, yet I choose to travel a different path.

Indeed, the obstacles in our path maybe insurmountable, yet, if we impart our knowledge and skills, share our passions and visions, the part may be less insurmountable!

Doing the jobs of librarianship is tough!  Only librarians know, I believe!

Training others to do a good job, though is not insurmountable, it is a difficult task!

To me, when I took a new path and travelled the difficult route, The new experience and path can turn out to be joyful and fulfiling.

I guess it is a joy to find a new way to do similar things and the opportunities to meet new friends in the journey that make all the different!

In LAS/WSQ courses, there are many like minded who have the same passion and willing to work together.  Having so little resources, yet, we are able to generate a 5 Modules HCLIS (Higher Certificate in Library and Information Studies) and keep it going for over 3 years. For these few years, over 7-8 run for each modules were well received by participants. The course tailored to meet the needs of support staff also attracted a new group of participants who hold degrees or higher degree in other field.  This show that it is well received not just by participants, but chief librarian from many Singapore Libraries. 

Hence, I now find the journey is a present one with great learners to cheer our way!

Have a Happy 2013 and a Cheerful Chinese New Year!

Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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