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Friday, January 04, 2013

INNO HANDS-ON and Dexterine Ho

Inno Hands-on is a registered business name with the Registrar of Company Singapore since September 1999 and it is also a registered vendor under Vendors@gov. For government ministry/department and schools under Ministry of Education, e-Invoicing is used currently. Other methods of issuing official invoice, like in PDF or in paper copy are done at the request of the organisation.

INNO HANDS-ON is a short form for  "INNOvative HANDS-ON", as I believe in "INNOvative HANDS-ONINNOvative minds-on" or is the official blog which announce courses INNO HANDS-ON offers. 

Currently INNO HANDS-ON offers workshop for schools and organisations interested in works related to:

Library Displays
Reading display
School display 
School open house 
Workshop for Librarians
Workshop for students
Workshop for teachers 

Festive Gift Wrapping and other courses
Gift wrapping
Flower making
Green ideas 
Greeting cards


Last Dec, a few courses was run at various sites.  Being engaged by the management company of the mall, I enjoyed the sharing of my Gift Wrapping ideas at the Learning Corner at Jurong Point on 8 Dec.

It was a 2 hours workshop and I manage to cover a fair bit of my ideas on Christmas gift wrapping.

Course outline of Christmas Gift Wrapping Workshop:

*How to wrap gift in box shape: hands-on

*How to dress up your wine bottle: demo

*How to wrap soft toys or soft items without using boxes: hands-on

*How to make ribbon bows to enhance your gift wrapping: hands-on

*How to design gift wrapping that can be recycled and keep the world green

Photo reference and other notes:
(Box shape wrapping, with ribbon bow: hands-on)

(Second photo: wrap soft toys or soft items
How to make a gift bag with creative collar design for Lady or Gentleman (Adult’s present) and Boy or Girl (Kid’s present).

3. Introduce some “Green” ideas on recycling the gift wrapping in the designs and show the way how easy is to go green in Gift Wrapping.

Being the trainer/lecturer for the courses listed above and was asked by many participants on my background etc, now I just do some update on"Dexterine Ho" under the INNO HANDS-ON blog page at:
From this month onward, I will update pages on course and if you have course you like me to design and make it available, just email me.

Some new photos is now added to "About Dexterine Ho" at:

other new photos and post will follow...

Have a happy new year!

Happy reading too...

Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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