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Friday, January 11, 2013

Courses that I am currently teaching

I just met some course participants and school librarians at NLB and LAS events recently, and some enquiries were made on courses I currently conduct.

Beside being a trainer and assessor for LAS WSQ Level 2 HCLIC courses, I have done quite a few library and non-library related courses under INNO HANDS-ON:

The most popular ones are

Gift Wrapping for the seasons:

Creative Bulletin Boards for Libraries and Schools

Book Making courses:

I enjoy sharing my library knowledge and skills in art and craft with like-minded people.

The LAS WSQ courses for support staff has five modules, and I am involved in the assessment for all and training for some.

The library display courses and book making workshop is just an extension of my library and book knowledge. As art and craft is my hobby, merging the two is a natural process in my teaching and learning journey.

The gift wrapping course was an accidental result of some external consultancy courses I conducted for IRBD (International Relationship and Business Development, Temasek Polytechnic.

In addition, the Christmas library display I created for NTU library some years back have also attracted a lot of interest from both librarians and non librarians.

I was very honoured to be invited to Singapore Police Force HQ at Cantonment for a Christmas Gift Wrapping Workshop on 13 Dec 2012.  It is unique in my training experience, as I never expected to meet Police officers as my course participants.

Equally interesting is the Gift Wrapping Workshop I held at Jurong Point Mall on 8 Dec 2012. 

With this experience, I understand that commercial malls also provide learning spaces for the public.  The Learning Corner in Jurong Point Mall is a new idea and it is sets up in the mall in a quiet corner. It is a great learning place for students when not used in conducting courses.

I think reading rooms and learning spaces like that will really enhance the life of the consumers.  I see the value of the "Learning Corner" and am glad to be one of the Workshop trainers in their Christmas programme.

Training consumers and not teachers and librarians is new to me.  They come in all ages, some are as old as 60+, and the youngest are school girls/boys from Primary and Secondary level!

Life is interesting as we do not know what will come next!


Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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