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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

OCLC record: Ho Soo Miang: part 3

While searching for cataloguing example for MARC tag 041 "Language Code" to clear the doubt of one candidate for Module 3 Support Bibliographic Control this evening, I found with joy the following OCLC record number "654390268" of my previous work:

The earliest Chinese newspaper of Singapore, the Lat Pau, 1881-1932
新加坡最早的華文日報: 叻報 (1881-1932)

041 is being used:

041 0_ $a chi $b eng

in this case:

First Indicator
Translation indication
0 - Item not a translation/does not include a translation

Subfield Codes
$a - Language code of text
$b - Language code of summary or abstract

Source of information:

To enlarge the image, just click on it:

In addition, I noted that the item is now available from Google Book.

Even though it is not available for sale, its content is available for searching using the search box "From inside the book" or browsing via the following keyword index:

The earliest Chinese newspaper of Singapore, the Lat Pau, 1881-1932

新加坡最早的華文日報: 叻報 (1881-1932)

Common terms and phrases:
上海 中國 中華 今後 分類目 文藝欄 日報 日期 主筆 以爲 出版 出現 本館 因爲 成爲 收費 早期 形式 來源 周年 東南亞 附錄 南洋大學 南洋商報 南洋第一報 南洋新聞 紀念 革新 馬六甲 馬華 停刊 副刊 專電 現存叻報 逝世 陳育崧 創刊 創辦 報導 報頭 報館 發展 華人社會 華文報業 華文報紙 華文敎 新加坡報業 新加坡華文 新報 經濟 葉季允 實業 影响 篇幅 編輯 諸君 論說 銷售數 薛有禮 啓事 爲了

When I click on "葉季允", the editor of the earliest Chinese newspaper of Singapore, the Lat Pau Press, I get the following texts:

1906 未见,因此笔者认为,在叶季允辞去编务〔 1904 〕之前,何渔古为叻报主笔之一, ... 同注 173 ,叶季允于二十一岁任叻报主笔,以其任期四十一年推算,逝世时实^应为六十 ...

Although the OCR (Optical character recognition) is not able to read and transcribe all the Chinese Characters in the text correctly, knowing that it is done and available in "Electronic Resource" is still a great discovery for me.

Hence, I think those who are interested in researching the earliest Chinese newspaper of Singapore will be able to source for my writing with ease via Google Books (!

Some trainees wanted to know if the same e-copy was available from NLB. So I did a search and found it in BOOKSG which had the entry with a different cover page show at

The first 12 pages are available for free preview:

The full-text of this title is available for viewing in digital format at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library:

Singapore and Southeast Asian Collections
Lee Kong Chian Reference Library, Level 11
National Library Singapore
National Library Building
100 Victoria Street
Singapore 188064

Please approach the staff on duty at the Information Counter for assistance to view the item.

Source of information:

Cheers for the day!

Dexterine Ho

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