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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Bib Control links: pt 9 (OCLC Connexion)

OCLC Connexion is a service that is available via subscription:

Connexion training

Looking for training materials?
Use the Connexion browser tutorials or the Connexion client tutorials to learn how to use Connexion to create and edit bibliographic and authority records that help users find the materials they need faster.
Use Local Holdings Maintenance tutorials to learn how to create and edit your holdings records.
Connexion provides one-stop access to integrated cataloging tools and to WorldCat, the world's largest online union catalog and bibliographic database.

OCLC connexion copy cataloging tutorial

OCLC Connexion Browser Tutorials

The series of Using OCLC Connexion browser tutorials covers the various features of OCLC Connexion browser. Start with the Overview and then select the tutorials in order or select the ones you want to view.

System requirements for these tutorials are below. Times listed are approximations. The amount of time needed to complete a tutorial will vary with each individual.

OverviewShows how to logon, details the user interface, and explains how to setup preferences for cataloging and administrative features of the Connexion browser.Web-based. 28 pages. Approximate time to complete: 15 min.

View the tutorial

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