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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Bib Control links: part 5 (LC Online Catalog)

Library of Congress Online Catalog
The Library of Congress Online Catalog has proven so popular among cataloguers who do not have any paid subscription for Marc Records.
After you used the "Basic search" you use "MARC Tags Display"
The MARC Tags display includes the full bibliographic information, including the "fixed field" or fixed-length data elements and locally defined fields, with the field tags and content designation specified by the MARC 21 format, a communication standard that enables exchange of bibliographic, holdings, and other data among electronic systems. The leader is displayed; the directory is not displayed.

All record displays include the call number by which materials must be requested.

Some information displays as a hypertext link (in blue and underlined). Selecting a link launches a search for related records.

Consult the Full Record display for the most complete labeled display of bibliographic information. To focus on subject headings, and any information summarizing and/or classifying the content of the work, consult the Subjects/Content display.

View the Brief Record display for the most basic information about the work.

For more details, access:
Library of Congress Online Catalog

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