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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Bib Control links: pt 10 (NACO Authority control)

Authority control has two functions:

NACO - The Name Authority COoperative program component of the PCC, Library of Congress

Through this program participants contribute authority records for names, uniform titles, and series to the LC/NAF. An individual institution may join this program, or a group of libraries with a common interest may form a funnel project to contribute records via a coordinator.

Maintaining consistency in the heading form used to represent an access point

Showing relationships among names, works and subjects

For more details, visit:

Using Library of Congress Authorities, you can browse and view authority headings for Subject, Name, Title and Name/Title combinations; and download authority records in MARC format for use in a local library system. This service is offered free of charge.

Access to Authority Records

1.What is an Authority Record?

2.Are authority records available free of charge?

3.Are authority records up to date?

4.Are bibliographic records and holdings information available?

5.Is Z39.50 access available for Library of Congress Authorities?

Searching Authority Records

6.Can authority records be searched by LCCN?

7.Can name and subject authorities be searched in a single query?

8.Can authority records be searched by keyword(s)?

9.How can I search for headings with diacritics and special characters?

10.Is it possible to search subject subdivisions and the display of full subject heading hierarchies?

Viewing and Saving Authority Records

11.Is it possible to view and save records with the full MARC 21 character set?

12.In the Headings List, why do some headings display without icons?

13.Why don't all headings have a corresponding authority record, reference, or note?

14.Why are there two entries, non-series title and series title, for many headings listed in the search results of a Title Authority Heading search?

Comments and Reporting Errors

16.How can I report errors in bibliographic or authority records to the Library of Congress?

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