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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letting go and holding on

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

-- Henry Ellis (1721-1806)

I am in library field and practicing librarianship for some decades.  Since I was a reference librarian and an adjunct lecturer in National Institute of Education, librarianship and digital literacy skills gave me an opportunity to engage in education and training.

I understand learning can only take place if one is willing to learn.  Acquisitions of knowledge can only happen at the time when you allow what is outside you to be inside you.

If the door of the learner is not opened, it is hard for the teachers or educators to teach them.  As intruders are not welcome!

I enjoy teaching self motivated learners.  I am glad that most of the course participants in many of my classes are eager to learn and enjoy the process of translating learning into practice. 

Nevertheless, there are some learners who are not self-motivated. They are against learning and do not see the needs at the first place.  They are always in defensive mode and build mental wall to block all the new input. 

If one is unwilling to learn, it is easy for one to find all the means and ways to avoid it.  I may try and hold on and do my part, yet, time wait for no man.  If they are unable to use their learning time within my coaching period, I feel sad for them and hope things may change or get better in the future. 

I learn to let go, as I can only be with them for so long.  I just hope that when they miss learning now, they will catch up some other time in the future when they realise and make a change in their mind set.

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