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Monday, November 29, 2010

A friend is a gift

A friend is a gift which I treasured!

Hi Soo Miang,

This is Beng Kin from Malaysia.

Do you still remember me?

I found your blog through the internet that's how I got your email. How are you? You still look as young as ever. I'll be going to Singapore on the 26th of November. Hope to meet up with you.

Do you still keep in touch with Yeow Leong and Tony Ng? I can't find them through Facebook. Looking foward to hearing from you.

Beng Kin


It was a read surprise to me when I received the email from Beng Kin, my housemate, roommate and cooking group member back in 1989 - 1990 in Milwaukee,Wisconsin.

I was doing my Masters degree in Library and Information Science at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee campus.  Beng Kin was doing her Degree in English Studies.  I joined her and her housemates for cooking during the weekdays.  We cook one meal each and have lunch and dinner for 5-6 days.  Together with us are Wei Wei and Juan Cheng from Taiwan, Zah Jing, Fong and her from Malaysia, Yeow Leong, Tong Ng and me From Singapore.

On Sunday, we sometime travelled in car to Chicago and have our shopping at China town and harvest back a lot of Chinese foods which were hard to find in Milwaukee.

Our store room for foods in our duplex house, upper level, is like a mini grocery shop.  Beng Kin and many of our houesemates are good cook and I alway enjoyed eating dinner prepared by them!

I remembered I was not with them for the first semaster as all the rooms were occupied with at least two persons. I finally joined them when someone graduated and moved out.  I then have a chance to stay there till I finish my degree course.

In Aug 1990, on my way home to Singapore, I travelled with them (plus Beng Nee, Beng Kin's sister) and visited Hollywood, Universal Studio and many other interesting places in Los Angeles.  We saved a lot on accommondation as we were able to have lodging at Beng Kin's sister's place.

Ofter the LA's tour, I then headed east and stop at Hawaii for 3 days and visited Wei Wei in Taipai before I came back to Singapore.

After returning to Singapore, I think I only managed to visit Beng Kin and Beng Nee in 1998 when I went to KL for a library conference.

Time really fly and we now meet for a second time! It is about 20 years from our Milwaukee's time and she is now a mother of two teenages who are studying in Secondary School in KL!

We have a great time today having Shanghai Tim Sam lunch at City Square Mall and recalling our good time back in 1989 - 1990!

A friend is a gift which I treasured very much!

Dexterine Ho

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