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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Conversational Teochew In A Month: Lesson 1

I would like to recommend this video for those who are interested in learning Teo Chew Dialet.

Only lesson 1 is available free from youtube.

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"Conversational Teochew In A Month" is the ideal self-learning course for any English speaker who wish to speak Teochew competently beyond the customary greeting, " 汝食饱了未?" (have you eaten?").

 Adapted from the Chinese publication 《潮州话一月通》, originally edited by 林伦伦 and 朱永锴, it contains both written and audio materials. Using situations in daily life, it introduces commonly-used phrases and expressions through conversations presented in 20 lessons.

Each lesson also includes a supplementary vocabulary list. The lessons covered are:

1. Greetings; 2. Introductions; 3. Looking For A Job; 4. Chatting; 5. Relatives; 6. Numbers; 7. Being Guest; 8. Food; 9. Social Customs; 10. Asking For Direction; 11. Taking Public Transport; 12. Shopping; 13. Socialising; 14. At The Post Office; 15. At The Bank; 16. Travel; 17. Seeing The Doctor; 18. Screen Media; 19. Sports; and 20. Congratulatories.

"Conversational Teochew In A Month" is available in two different digital formats:
1. mp3 sound file + .srt subtitle (suitable for computer, Android tablet and smartphone use); and
2.Audiobook (.epub file) (suitable for iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and smartphone use)

For more information and to purchase, visit

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