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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Intelligence without love

Responsibility without love makes us inconsiderate,

Power without love makes us cruel,

Belief without love makes us fanatics,

Intelligence without love makes us dishonest.

*** Lao Tzu (604 BC - 531 BC) Chinese Taoist Philosopher ***

Maybe I will learn more about the above saying by Lao Tze in greater depth in future.

At this moment, I understand the last line best --"Intelligence without love makes us dishonest."

During the past weeks, I was quite puzzled by an encounter of an intelligence liar.  The reasons for an intelligence yet dishonest person to lie is because he/she is "lack of love". 

We see it on news in TV and newspaper all the time, yet having it encountered personally give me more insight of this Lao Tze's quotation --
"Intelligence without love makes us dishonest."

I think without care and love, intelligence people may choose a dishonest path in his/her life journey!  The end path is he/she may set a wrong example for their children to follow!  I just hope many intelligence parents have wise children who are able to distinguish the act of intelligence without love may make one dishonest, sometimes! 

It is great to be intelligence and that is the gift from your parents, yet to apply and use the intelligence, do add "love" in the path you take!

You do not lose out in this journey of "intelligence with love" as your gain in the future will make you a greater person in many dimensions. 

Dexterine Ho

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