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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If-others-need-me ... Gift Wrapping and Card Making etc ...

Lately, I suddenly received a numbers of enquiry on Gift Wrapping and Card Making Workshop. 

If the request is for a half day  (pm or am) course, I will usually propose a 3 to 3.5 hours crash course on Gift Wrapping as Christmas is in the seasons. 

If the organization is able to set aside 3 days for staff training, I would think that a combined "Gift Wrapping and Card Making Workshop" should be beneficial to participants, especially the staff at the retail outlets who are required to do gift wrapping for customers.  Yet, time is a big short for most to plan courses and workshop last minutes.

As the demand on courses and workshop I offer via INNO HANDS-ON, vary from one organisation to another, I think if they are short of time, a new 10 hours course which combine Gift Wrapping ideas with 3D and pop up card should be able to meet their needs without long hours of commitment.

Currently I am working on course outline for a few organisations, and after fulfilling their requirement, I will re-organize my thought an create some comprehensive course on Gift Wrapping and Card Making which takes only 10 hours, instead of 3 full day training workshop.
Once I have course outline done to answer to general enquiry, I will post it on
The 10 hours Gift Wrapping and Card Making Course can be 1.5 days or  3 half days i.e., 3.5 hours + 3.5 hours + 3 hours.  It maybe held on week days or Saturday/Sunday.
I have conducted a 3 days course on Gift Wrapping and Card Making Course, just need some time to compress it.
As my commitment at LAS/WSQ and other training assignment keep me busy some months, I just treat my INNO HANDS-ON business as an extension of my personal hobby.

Hence, even I am doing course planning without actually conducting them in some cases, is still an enjoyable process.  The process fulfils my joys in learning new ideas up to the level of being a trainer. 
I am would said it is enjoyable to be able to do things this way!  I am sure readers who enjoy art and craft work would understand the approach I took : "If-others-need-me" ... , and that is why, many friends I have who are great in their art and craft skills are not interested to commercialized them.
I am having IINNO HANDS-ON as a business to pursue my hobby. I do it the way most of my librarian friends would do in their work: "If-others-need-me ..."  I will create something interesting for them to share the joys of my knowledge and impart the skills of art and craft.
I do not like to repeat ideas all the time, unless clients insist. 
Hence, you may look at of which I collected many workable ideas for future exploration and workshop.
Yet to adapt the ideas from youtube to a course for local groups, I need to look at materials used, logistic and other training setting...  It becomes an administrative tasks and it is very demanding on my time and energy.   
Presently, I just use the approach of "If-other-need-me in these kind of courses, I will make it happen at your request."
Having this approach, the world of art and craft I teach and library courses I conduct will be expanded and become bigger or endless and life will not be boring even I commercialized them.
I will post more course outline on my blog: next year!

Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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