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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

瞬间强肾法 - Massaging UB 23 For Health & Longevity!


Dr. Wu Guozhong (Beijing) teaches this quick method of boosting kidney health from his teacher, Hu Haiya (98). And Nan Huaijin (南怀瑾) (94) also uses a similar method of placing his hands over his kidneys and rocking back & forth...

General instructions from another user:

- Stand relaxed in zhan zhuang with feet shoulder-width apart & make 2 relaxed fists, curling your forefingers & thumbs.

- Place the flat "eye" tops of your fists over both UB 23 (肾兪/shen4 shu4) acupoints, on either side of 命门 (ming4 men2) on your back (level with your navel).

- Bounce up & down on your heels while making sure that your body stays relaxed, allowing your fists to rub UB 23.

- Don't jump from your knees like a frog, but bounce mostly from your feet, heels & calves.
The other similar method is available via:


這個方法還適合中老年人養生,人老腿先衰,腰腿通相聯,其實是腎氣衰了,按摩腎腧有直接補腎的功效。中老年人平時動一動,腎氣足了,自然腰背也就不彎了。 "


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