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Friday, February 10, 2012

Publishing professional books: LexisNexis

The Academic Publishing talk – Publishing professional books: When your audience are busy practitioners, by Norainni Rahman, Director of Publishing, Lexis-Nexis, Southeast Asia was originally scheduled from:

12:00 PM to 02:00 PM
10 Feb 2012
Venue : LT22
Venue :

It was jointly organised by NTU Libraries and LexisNexis.  As the NTU Career Fair was on at the same time, the speaker was late, so do I as all nearby car parks are full and waiting in queue do not have any chance in getting a paid covered slot after 30 mins at the south spine car park!

I finally give up waiting and park my car at Heritage Centre and walk to LT 22!
If you were unable to attend the talk, you did not miss much as the slides can be accessed here!
The short session last less than 40 mins and it was an informal conversation with Q and A. 
As I had travelled all the way from town and miss the other session at SMU, I was a bit disappointed at my own choice.
Sometime, you cannot judge the talk by the title! Being a Librarian, I should know judging a book by its cover is not the right way of book selection!  Yet, I have to learn it by experience!  I am a person without much wisdom, after all!
Never mind, it is a good lesson and I learn to exercise my choice better next time!
Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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