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Monday, February 13, 2012

Advanced Certification in Library & Information Services (ACLIS)

By now, many of our LAS WSQ Level 2 course participants had completed the 5 modules required and received the Higher Certification in Library & Information Services (HCLIS).  Most of them are interested to pursue the next level courses.

National Library Board Academy (NLBA) delivers WSQ Level 3 courses that help people in library services further their skills - and careers and the details can be found on NLBA web page at

The key areas are grouped into the following 8 units:

Competency CodeCompetency Unit (CU)Credit Value
CI-LI-336C-0Administer Library Operations2
CI-LI-341S-0Support General Reference and Information Enquiries2
CI-LI-346S-0Support the Management of Promotion and Outreach Activities3
CI-LI-340S-0Support the Management of Bibliographic Control Work3
CI-LI-344S-0Support the Management of Circulation and Membership Services3
CI-LI-343S-0Support the Management of Acquisitions and Serials Work3
SV-PP-301G-0Coach Service Teams and Individuals3
CI-LI-345S-0Support the Management of Collection Maintenance Work2

To understand the course structure and coverage of each unit, just visit

Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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