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Monday, November 30, 2009

Towards Archiving and Managing Community Formation in Web 2.0

As 20 vacancies are available for LAS member, I just take an afternoon off to attend the talk by Dr Paul Wu Horng-Jyh, Senior Fellow (Wee Kim Wee School of Comm & Info), NTU

Topic : Towards Archiving and Managing Community Formation in Web 2.0 environment

Speaker : Dr Paul Wu Horng-Jyh

Date : Monday, 30 November 2009

Time : 3.30pm - 5.30pm

Venue : Toa Payoh Public Library / Agatha Room (level 3)

6 Toa Payoh Central

Singapore 319191

LAS Professional Development Scheme (PDS):

Participant can earn 46 points under Industry Knowledge Development – Participate in library related talks, forums, discussion sessions and business meetings organized by LAS or other libraries (category ID1)

Outline of Talk

In this talk, Dr Paul Wu Horng-Jyh, Senior Fellow (Wee Kim Wee School of Comm & Info), NTU present a case study on the formation of learning community.

He first explained the functioning of the learning community as an activity system constituted by spirals of offline as well as online SECI (socializing, Externalizing, Combining and Internalizing) knowledge creation activities. The online activities are supported by a cascade of Web 2.0 tools consisting of blog, forum and wiki to reflect distinct SECI cycles.
About the Speaker

Dr. Paul Wu Horng-Jyh is a Senior Fellow with the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Presently, he researches and directs the academic areas of Digital Preservation and Archival Informatics, particularly in the e-Learning and e-Social Science domains.

Before joining NTU in 2004, he had been involved in technology start-ups for almost a decade and was a co-founder and CEO of Mustard Technology, which specializes in multilingual search and data quality technologies for businesses and government agencies in the region and beyond.

After obtaining PhD in Artificial Intelligence from University of Michigan, he served as a Senior R&D Member of Kent Ridge Digital Labs in the 90’s, during which he invented two US Patents on search and language processing technologies.

He has two decades of experiences in theoretical and practical consultancy in information science and technology. The most recent project he consulted was the Web Archives of Singapore (WAS) project – a collaborative effort between National Library Board (NLB) and NTU, which created the first Web Archives in this region.

Currently, he is conducting a general study on Website Preservation and a case study on preserving e-Learning records, under the InterPARES 3 framework.

Source of information: email dated 25 Nov 2009 from


Elearing said...

I've heard a lot about Dr. Paul Wu Horng-Jyh. Great guy yes. I really wanted to meet him in person. I'm a big fan you know.

Anonymous said...

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