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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Learn to make do with less

Lately, I start to look at what I have collected and I think one major message I get from packing and re-locating items is how to make good use of what I have in stock, and how to make do with less.

We tend to worry about having limited resources, and we like to acquire things for our future needs and wants. If we sense that we do not have things others have, we cannot have the comfort that we will be just fine.

A lot of things in our present possession are the needs and wants that we preceived in the past.

When I examine the things in my cupboards and books on my shelves, there may not be my needs now.

Nevertheless, the desire to have them are still there. Hence, to keep them in my "Wants" list, I have to spend money to create new storage and spend time going through them.

To be with them and feel their present, I need to clear them. To enjoy the present view of my collection, I need to give them special attention and decrorate them in some new ways from time to time.

Having the company of the wants is both enjoyable and exhausting. That is life!

So, if possible, learn to make do with less!

Dexterine Ho

e, and more wants are Even if a new edict of economy comes down from above, you can hold your ground and hang on to what belongs to you and your peers.

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