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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Thought is the seed

Thought is the seed that may grow to a tree.

If you know that it is your thinking that determines your reality, you can be in control of your feeling and emotion.

If you blame your frustration on others, you pass your control of your own emotion to others. When you are defeated, your will feel very helpless psychologically and act like a victim.

With that kind of mind set, you will be a slave of your emotion. With the same experience repeated in your life and your social cycle, you conditioned yourself to be a person with negative thought. With that, you attract all the negative reaction inside you!

Remember that we are the gardener of our own head and mind.

A good mind gardener weeds away unwanted plants regularly. That keeps the bad away from the good.

To glow something new, a seed or a new plant need to be nurture with constant care. Having enough sunlight, yet not over exposed at the beginning. Water it regularly and use pot with holes that allow excess to be drained. Trim it so that it will branch naturally. Pass what you have trim to others, so that it will grow in their own garden. That allows the good to grow and multiply.

Blooming beautiful flowers in our head and mind is like gardening a "Botanic garden".

What is blooming inside is planted and nurtured by our thought and habit.

Fixing physically unhealthy bodies is relatively easy. Mending unhealthy minds on the other hand, may not be so easy.

Nevertheless, once we realised that we are the gardener of our thought, caring for our mind is like growing plants in our garden, we can find a way to weed the bad thought and tender to good one slowly!

Fixing negative thought is not easy, it is only easy when we realized that we can think differently, choose differently and behave differently and we start to swift the focus on ourselves instead of blaming it on others.

We that kind of mindset, we will experience life in a different perspective.

Learn to think differently!

Remember that everything begin with a thought. With a new thought, you create a new reality!

So start and create a different garden for your mind, once you have a beautiful garden that you enjoy yourselves, you will attack like minded people.

Beautiful mind is contagious too!

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