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Monday, August 03, 2009

Brain Tour

This interactive "Brain Tour" at explains basic concepts about the brain.

Viewers navigate at their own pace through 7 illustrated screens on "Brain Basics" and follow colored text links that highlight key areas and special features of each illustration.

You will learn some interesting fact like: "Your brain is your most powerful organ, yet weighs only about three pounds. It has a texture similar to firm jelly." and understand what is cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem etc.

If you explore further, you will learn more about Alzheimer's Disease and the Brain in the next 9 illustrated screens which explain what happens to the brain in those people who have suffered Alzheimer's disease.

If you like to learn more about the brain, The World Almanac 2009 is a good place for a quick reference. Here are some points extracted:

* The human brain has approximately 100 billion neurons.

* Neurons are the oldest and longest cells in the body.

* You have many of the same neurons for your whole life.

* Although other cells die and are replaced, many neurons are never replaced when they die.

* You have fewer neurons when you are old compared to when you are young.

Now I know why I am more forgetful now as it is a fact of life that everyone of us has to live with!

Hence, treasure what you have now and what you remembered before. Nothing is permenent, nothing is eternal, changes is life is inevitable, we lost something everyday, even memory in our own mind is not for us to behold forever!

Dexterine Ho

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