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Friday, March 27, 2009

Teochew songs

Teochew song: Happiness 《欢喜》

If you like to learn some Teochew phrases for congratulating newly wedded couple, this is the song you should not miss.

欢喜: 潮州话 祝贺新郎新娘的话

Teochew song: 红屐桃 Ang Giah To (潮州话童歌谣)Chaozhou Children Song

歌曲:红屐桃 Ang Giah To (潮州话童歌谣)
Chaozhou (Teochew) Children Song inspired by LIM Daikim story.

Teochew song: 无影迹古(潮州话) Bho ia'n Ziah (Teochew children song)
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Quicksand said...

are you teochew ?

dexterine said...

Yes, I am Teochew!
My father came from a village in FuYang(浮洋) near ShanTou(汕头) ShanTou, My mother came from the City of ChaoZhou (潮州府城)。
They met in Singapore and married here. All the Children are born in Singapore and become the first generation of Singapore Teochew!