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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Teochew Song ~ 出花园 ~

It is a nice song and a good a documentary of Teochew culture.

This is a very old Teochew custom when a teenages turn fifteen years old, 出花园 ~ (Out of the Garden or stepping out of the garden) is prepared for them.

This video brings back sweet memories. I went through this Teochew customs when I was 15.

As a history graduate, I think it is important for us Teochews to understand our culture. When I view this video, it is very interesting to see how it was done in China as I remembered only the red clog that I had to wear on that day.

If you family still practises Teochew traditional customs, I think your parents or grand parents will do it for you when you turn 15, no matter if you are a boy or girl!

I think all my siblings gone through this when they turn 15. Unfortunately, most of my nephews and nieces do not have such an experience as my mum do not like to force it upon the parents.

That make me think of my grandmum who gave me this fond and sweet memory as she thought it is a must for all her grandchildren.

Grandmum, thanks and you are always in my memory even you live beyond this world since June 2005.

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Lukman Halim said...

literary its call out of the flower garden ( chut hwe heng ), that means you not a child any more...., usually on that day our mom or grand mom ( a ma ) will take us to the temple...