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Saturday, January 10, 2015


The LAS WSQ "Support Bibliographic Control" module, Jan 6-8 just ended, and I am glad that all the 15 trainees were active participants. We have great information sharing sessions in this three days of "Support Bibliographic Control" course.

With all the sharing of participants, the course not only enrich the knowledge of trainees, but also that of the trainers like me.

I just want to highlight the contribution of Ms Elaine Fong, Teacher Librarian on Z39.50.  Here is her email sharing:

Here's my blurb for your blog. 

We use Z39.50 as it is a reliable source of MARC records from the British Library for UK books.
Since we use Alliance Plus and Destiny from Follett , which are American, this is a good compliment for English language sources that are not from the US. 
From our cataloging class, I also learned about Trove from Prabhu from SOTA which will be useful for Australian sources. 
It is very reliable as the records come from the National Library of Australia. 

With these three sources, we should have English language books covered comprehensively from around the world. 

Thanks to the sharing from Elaine on Z39.50 as a reliable source of MARC records from the British Library for UK books! 
Prabhu (from SOTA Library) sharing on reliable sources of MARC records from Trove will be useful for Australian sources. Hope to receive more detail from him via email soon!
To all the participants, have a good break and rest well during the week end!

See you on 21 or 22 Jan 2015 for assessment!  

All the best!

Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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