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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

My Pinterst boards on gift wrapping ideas

For readers of this blog who are looking for gift wrapping ideas, the "Gift Wrapping Ideas 500" and "Gift Wrapping Ideas 1000" pin boards collected and collated by me via Pinterest may help you.

All the pins I added to the boards are not my own works, but collected from various sources.

Pinterest allow me to do scratch books e-way.  It is an easy "application" which allow me to to hold photos, videos or links I likes, based on the topics of my interests.

Unlike physical scratch books, you do not keep your Pinterest board in your own closet.  

Pinterest allows you to broadcast your organized boards and share them with like minded all over the world.

With sharing via internet "broadcasting", you help others to generate creative ideas.

At the same time, Pinterest board of other collectors, let you read ideas on the topics in return. 


If you have time and interest, start a board using Pinterest, and I am sure that with all the ideas you collect and apply on the topic, your life expands, and your interest will grow into a different height! 


Welcome to my Pinterest Boards:

View the pictures and visit the links of the following, you can get a lot of creative and innovative ideas free from these sites:

Remember, Pinterest is a free service and you may like to explore and learn to pin something and share with other!


Beside two gift wrapping ideas on Pinterest, I have over 20 boards on other hobby craft that I used to applied in library display etc... 

Hope you be the visitors of my Pinterest boards!  

Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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