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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Odd Shape Items: How to wrap it

"How can I wrap odd shape items?"


Friends and course participants always have the above problem to solve and find it a tough job in gift wrapping.

Sometimes, it may make them change their mind in the gift shopping process, and buy something that is easy to wrap instead of the gift that matches the choice of their heart.

The gift wrapping service provided during festive session can create a joyful gift giving experience. 

Hence, departmental store which provides gift wrapping service, especially during the Christmas season, does help to boost their business as shoppers will focus on shopping gifts and have the task of wrapping delegated to professional gift wrapping service.


Now back to the Q and A:

"How can I wrap odd shape items?"  


A simple solution most people used is to look for a box that can contain the item and wrap it like a box.  Departmental stores now turn it into a business, and gift boxes in various sizes are available for sale.


I use this method too as it is the most convenient way!

I usually do not purchase gift boxes since I know how to make them myself.  It is not hard to make gift boxes if you have 100-120 g paper and some ready template to follow. Designs of boxes is available in books or Internet.  Google "gift boxes design", you will get lots of ideas for your applications.

I also recycle old boxes that serve the same purpose, or use nice shopping bags and convert them into boxes for wrapping.

To make the boxed gift more interesting,  I would suggest that you wrap the box with some add-on, and give some personal touch to the box shape. The add-on could also reflect or reveal the contents:

If your gift is for a lady or a teenage girl, you may like to make it lookfeminine. Here is an example, I use the box shape to create a lady's blouse and add a friendship knot below. 

To make it more attractive,  a handmade rose is placed on top of the collar and act like a brooch, which makes it looks interesting and appealing!

Here it is:

If the gift is for gift exchange party, gender neutral gift will be the usual choice.

Hence, wrapping the gift can be more straight forward, and here is one suggestion:


"If I can not find a box, how can I wrap odd shape items?" 

Sometime, t is hard to find boxes that match the shape of the gift. Problematic shape, like a soft toy, a pair of jeans or a key chain are common gifts that most people like to purchase.

I would suggest that you use gift wrapper to make a bag, which look like a shopping bag without the handle.  Leave more balance on top, so that you can create some design on top.

Here is one design for your considerations:

(Notes: The gift inside this "lady's shirt" wrapping is a scarf)

If the gift is for a gentleman, then, just make it gentleman-like for your collar design, and add a bow tie:

(Notes: the gift inside is a table tennis' bat)


For soft items, you have to wrap them with tick wrapper, as the bag shape will then be able to stand on it own.  If you run out of wrapping paper, you can use drawing paper as an alternative.  The above gift is wrap with an A3 size white drawing paper.


If you find it too troublesome to wrap gift with collar design, you can just fold the top of the paper bag and seal with tape, or add a ribbon bow to decorate it. The fold can be a straight fold or a V shape fold, and the seal can be colourful tape with design that you can purchase from the bookshop.


Alternatively, if you do not like to seal with tapes, you can staple a rectangular gift tag or gift note to cover the folding too!


There are many way to make the folding attractive:

*you can modify the rectangular gift tag add-on to Heart shape gift tag, use two-layer method and have red colour heart shape overlaying the green one... for Christmas mood!

* you can also cut-out the Christmas tree shape and make the rectangular shape a see through label add-on. Use the cut-out create a greeting card!

* you may cut-out shape of Christmas tree in different size with different colour paper and glue the center line, fold the paper to make it look 3D...

* you can use craft punch with any design you like to save time if you are in a hurry!

Alternative are endless and you will be amazed with the result.


The above are some ideas I enjoy during Christmas and festive sessions all these year!


With that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

HP: 9660 4692 

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