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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gift Wrapping Ideas

The manner in which it is given is worth more than the gift.

---  Pierre Corneille


I enjoy the gift wrapping process, as the effort is a way I convey my care and concern for the recipient.

To me, the way a gift is well wrapped makes it worth more than the actual cost of the item, as the recipient will feel it even before opening the presents!

Here is one wrapping idea I like to share. Those who enjoy the art of gift wrapping would find the following example not too difficult to create: 

For those who have attended my gift wrapping workshop, you would understand how easy it is to create the above gift bag, and cut out ladies' or gentlemen's collars to close the opening of the gift bag.  

Here are some enhancements and decorations you can add to the collars, simple yet pleasing to the eyes:

Just use any craft punch you can get from bookstore or craft shop and make the design on the collar, interlock it with a cut at each end.  I use the butterfly shape, as I like the "flying" idea.

With the shape cut-out, the beautiful collar is here to please you and the one who receives the gift.

Without the colourful card, it looks elegant as it is.  If you feel that it is a bit plain, you can tie a ribbon and secure the collar this way!

If you like to know the details of the courses on gift wrapping, click the labels or the tag "Gift wrapping" and read on... 

Occasionally, the card making workshop with pop-up ideas is run based on request. It is a stand alone course, like the gift wrapping workshop for organisation. 

It will be interesting to have a "2 in 1" workshop on "Card making and Gift Wrapping" and with something like the above in the workshop. If your organisation is interested, just email me and I will plan one for your group.

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