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Friday, October 10, 2014

Attitude, skills and knowledge

After years of teaching and training in Temasek Polytechnic, National Institute of Education and Library Association of Singapore (WDA courses) for various groups of students and course participants, I understand that learning can be a joyful or painful process for different learners.

If one is willing to learn, one will make the learning process a joyful experience. 

It is hard, sometimes even impossible, to force an unwilling learner to learn anything. When one is being forced to learn, the learning process is usually a painful one.

I enjoy learning new things. I find learning a joyful process, as I am able to learn things that interest me, most of the time. I also enjoy the process of sharing my learning through teaching.

Learners who set their mind in negative mode will find learning a painful process. They are not interested in the subject matter or not able to find meaning in learning the subject matter.

Hence, it is important to choose the subject of learning that match your interest, or give meaning to something that you need to master.

I enjoy training adult learners, as most of them are willing learners. Their interest makes training an interactive sharing session, and I learn a lot more from them.

I find that if learners are willing to learn something, they usually have some basic knowledge or keen interest on the subject matter.

This makes their learning flow with ease. Trainers likes me, is just the guide that provide them with directions and pointers. The process of their learning is similar to doing Soduko, they are able to find or discover something new from something they already know.

Acquiring new skills is just like creating a new building. It is like modelling using Lego sets.  If you have the essential blocks, the building block process will let you learn and master the new skills.

With the right attitude in learning, skills will be acquired and knowledge accumulated.

I refine my learning through teaching and training, and putting things into practice.

Practice makes perfect. For learner and trainer, if they like to perfect their skills, they need to have multiple practice.  Without practice, you cannot demonstrate your learning and refine it.

Once your skills are being refined by practice, you will transform your learning to a higher level--the master of special skills, who has a good knowledge of the skills set.

Through teaching, you share your learning journey and lead others to travel the same path. Knowledge is accumulated through understanding, and with lot of  practice on the subject matter.

With that, the learner will become a master, a teacher or a trainer.

It sounds easy, yet, it is a long journey!

If it is your interest, the long journey is an interesting one!

Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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