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Monday, February 03, 2014

Class gathering on Lunar New Year

Today, the 4th day of Lunar Chinese New Year, Wen Wen invited all the classmates to her house at Bukit Timah Road for our class gathering.

The following was an email I helped to send on her behalf some days back:

Dear Classmates,

Happy New Year!  

The History classmates gathering on the 4th day of Chinese New Year is initiated by Wen Wen. It will be held on Monday, 3rd Feb 2014.

All History Classmates are welcome to gather at Wen Wen's house at Bukit Timah Road between 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm. Please let me know if you are able to make it.

Confirmed coming are:

Liew Peck Gan
Goh Geok Kee
Ng Koon Lay
Ho Soo Miang
Tan Sin Week, Tammi
*Yeo Kheng Kwang 

Informed they may not be able to make it:

Wee Lin Mui
Koh Mui Hoon
Lim Ang Kan
*Wong Loy Yoon

*Information was updated today
If you have other classmates' contacts, do help to send out this invitation for Wen Wen, as she will be on holiday between 30 Jan to 2 Feb. So if you are able to come, do indicate in your reply to me asap.

I will help her to do emailing and sms invitation and she will be informed 3 days before her departure for CNY tour overseas, on 26 Jan.

We had a happy three hour gathering and left her house at around 5pm.

A big Cheer to our happy hours!


Thanks, Wen Wen for hosting this year!

She served us "High Tea!"  

I love the delicious Tarts and Chinese carrot cakes etc... bought from Crystal Jade.  
I had the ice lemon water mixed with some sweet drinks and like the taste of it. I had at least three full cups and felt so contented at the end of the day!

I think it is the joy of meeting old classmates and friends that make all the food and drinks taste extremely nice...

With the advances in digital technology and Internet,  I received two photos of our happy re-union at 21.20 hour from 新玮 Tammi Tan, our photographer of the day, and here is her message:


Hi to all,

Happy New Year! Great to see you all at Wen Wen after such a long time.

Wish you all a healthy, peaceful and prosperous year of the Horse!

Here are the photos taken today to share with you all!

Tammi Tan

The photo I posted above is one of them, and for those who cannot make it today, they may share our joys the e-way via this blog!
(7 of us out of a class of 15-16, the total turn out is 46.66 %, a great response for a class gathering, if you know that we graduated from University in 1978, about 36 years ago!)

Notes to history classmates: 

新玮 Sin Week (Tammi Tan) would like to have an up-to-date phone list and contact list of all the classmates.

You may like update your contact and send her your latest email and phone address.  

If you have contacts classmates not listed in this blog, do forward to her too!

Great to learn that we have her to host our next new year gathering in 2015 in Jurong, somewhere in Pioneer Road.  I look forward to visiting her new house in the year of the goat!


A big thank and cheers to all who can make it this time!

Many thanks to Wen Wen for being a great host and fill our hearts and stomach with joy and contentment today!

When I did the summary of today's event, I would like to have blogged it in Chinese, yet my typing of Chinese words in Hanyu PinYin mode is so slow that it frustrated me. 

I think we can express our joy and gratitude better if we use our Mother tongue!  If you do have something to share in Chinese, just let me post it on my blog on your behalf!


Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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