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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ADMIRE: Art and Design Module to Inspire and Rejuvenate Elderly

In the last quarter of 2013, I attended a course at Golden Age College (GAC), Fei Yue Community Services at Tiong Bahru Central Plaza, a new ADMIRE class  (3rd run) on Wednesday morning, the details are as follow:

Course Title: ADMIRE

Course Period: 23 Oct 2013 to 11 Dec 2013 (8 sessions, Every Wednesdays)

Time: 9.30 am to 12 noon

Classroom Location:  
Level 3 Training Room  
Tiong Bahru Central Plaza 
Singapore 168730
(3 min walk from Tiong Bahru MRT Station) 

Cost Fee: $100 (Includes Materials) (Usual Price: S$350)

Entry Requirement: Singapore Citizen
Age 50 year old and above
Understands and speaks English

Language: Conducted in English

Course outline and course trainer:

I enjoyed Kuan's training methods with art theory that inspired the Right brain.  Now I can see details in things and draw them out with patience.  

Before attending the ADMIRE class, I always tell people that I can cut out images, do some simple painting with water colour, yet have no talent in drawing. I can see the "Whole" item in things, yet cannot draw them out.  I am not good in handling lines that should flow according to the shape of the objects,

Now, I am able to draw outline, do contour sketches, understand different types of colours in art, have the ability to appreciate and differentiate shading and learn to add tones to objects.

Photo/Picture journey, i.e., drawing picture text that give the drawing a higher dimension is something I like best in this class.  A picture may speaks a thousand words, yet a short essay may lead the viewer enter your unique picture world and enjoy the lively world you projected.  It allows the readers to read beyond a thousand words... and create a new meaningful world in their own mind. 

After the 8 sessions, we fulfilled some of our dreams in drawing. 

The joys in this acquisition process is written on our face!

If you ask me to define happiness in life, my answer is:

Fulfilling your dream in learning something like drawing, and learning it with joys!

If you have little moment of joys in life and you add that moment 
with the same joyful moment bit by bit, you have a joyful life...

As a participant of ADMIRE course organised by the Golden Age College (GAC), I am now  a member of the GAC Alumni and look forward to many exciting programmes and courses that GAC will be organizing for the members.

If you are interested in attending a similar class, kindly contact

Stella Ng (Ms) | Programme Officer, Elder Education  Department

Family Central - a service by Fei Yue Community Services
298 Tiong Bahru Road |#03-02 Tiong Bahru Central Plaza | Singapore 168730
Mainline: 6593-6456 ·  DID: 6593-6457 Fax: 6274-5453· Website:

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