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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Resources on library display

I just like to share some resources on organizing reading activities and displaying of library materials:
Just google "pinterest library displays" and look at the links.  There are many good ideas to follow.
I had some pin collected and there are listed in:
There are lot of art and craft ideas used in Libary and book displays there!
For actual display work, you may start with any art and craft books that are available in your library or NLB and modify the ideas for library display! (Book on library display is not helpful as there are not up-todate!)
Self learning is not easy, yet nothing is impossible! Start with things that you can make first and move on...
If your Library Co-ordinator can form a class for teachers and student librarians, I would then be able to impart some ideas in person, and you may learn from hands-on workshop. 
For more information on courses I run, visit:
Hope the information is helpful!

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