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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

M3 Bib Control: Activity 06

1. Find an authorized subject heading in the LCSH. These terms are in bold typeface. Find out what the meanings of the abbreviations - UF, BT, NT, RT, SA, the phrases “Scope notes” and “May Subd Geog” this authorized heading.

* LG last few pages -- LCSH on p.804 Bombing, Aerial
* Hints on LG p.43, with explanations and example "Abused children"

* Hints on “May Subd Geog” (May Subdivide Geographically" LG p.43 Figure 1.6, "Sports"

* The abbreviations and the full form of the followings:
SA = ?
RT = ?
BT = ?
NT = ?
UF = ?

2. Why are subject headings important in information work?

* Hints: LG p.40

3. Refer to the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Find five examples of the following:

3a. Filing of words – each heading is treated as words (examples should include abbreviations, acronyms or initials).

*Just rearrange and correct the following filing errors: (refer to LCSH p.962)

C.O.D. shipments
C.F. & I. clause
C.I. direct blue 218
C-74 (Transport plane)

  3b. Filing of numbers – numbers precede alphabetic characters and arranged in increasing numeric value.

*Just rearrange and correct the following filing errors, (refer to LCSH p.3):

109/b (Computer)
65x series microprocessors
26 rue du Départ (Paris, France)
35mm cameras
87th Precinct (Imaginary place)

3c. Filing of dates – according to chronology.

**Just rearrange and correct the following filing errors:

Japanese poetry – to 1868
Japanese poetry – to 794
Japanese poetry – Heinan period, 794 – 1185
Japanese poetry – Meiji period, 1868 - 1912
Japanese poetry – Taisho period, 1912 – 1926

4a. Most headings in LCSH are entered as such in normal word order. However, some headings are inverted. Why is this so?

* Hints: To highlight ...

4b. Pre-coordination - Find five examples in LCSH of how conjunctions and prepositions are used in headings.

*Select five from the LCSH pp 804, 962-963, you may use LG p. 42 for reference

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