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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A book holds a house of Gold


The Arts House celebrates its 8th Anniversary, transforming into a House of Proverbs.
They named the theme 'A book holds a House of gold', and it encourages visitor to delve into the treasures of knowledge a book has to offer.
The information on the 2 days of exciting programmes is available at and visitors will stand a chance to win iPads and Kinokuniya vouchers when you participate in the crossword puzzle competition!
Here are some interesting programmes I like:
The Arts House \ 26 - 28 Mar
Artist: Yenn Ang

Yenn Ang’s paper sculptures and installations address the absence and presence of our memories; the fragility of things and a loss of wholeness in our physical and mental space. Proverbs, commonly a form of one’s language, culture and identity tend to get lost through the generations. Through her sculptures, Yenn attempts to forge and awaken these strong memories within us.

Yenn was an artist-in-residence at Sculpture Square last October.
Blue Room \ 28 Mar \ 9.30pm
Comics: Fakkah Fuzz, Jinx

Come let your funny bone be tickled by two local up-and-coming comedians! Fakkah Fuzz is possibly the last Malay comic to ever come out of Singapore and contrary to his name, Jinx’s deadpan comedy is anything but bad luck.

Fuzz was featured last July as part of New Word Order discussing his comedy writing.
Chamber \ 26 - 28 Mar \ 8pm
Poet: Jay Bernard
Musician: Bani Hakyal

... In an improvised music and poetry performance based on the Mandarin proverb, “I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand”, poet Jay Bernard and musician Bani Hakyal will explore the fluid relationship between teacher and student.

Jay is the first international recipient of the Creative Writing Residency jointly organised by the NUS University Scholars Programme and The Arts House.

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