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Monday, October 31, 2011

Understanding Digital Preservation

Today, I attended the Seminar On “Understanding Digital Preservation in the Context of Digital Library” organised by ExLibris Singapore:

Date: Monday, 31st Oct 2011
Time: 1400hr – 1700hr
Venue: Library Instructional Commons Block N2 Level B3A-01 Nanyang Technological University50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798

"With the transition from traditional paper to a digital library, many institutions are facing new challenges. One of the emerging challenges is in the field of digital preservation and its role as part of the digital library."

"Ex Libris Rosetta digital preservation solution provides a sustainable digital preservation model which enables institutions to collect, manage, preserve, and provide access to institutional documents, research output in digital formats, digital images, websites, and other digitally born and digitized materials."

Listening to Mr. John M. Meador, Jr, Dean of Libraries on his digital preservation experience in Binghamton University, was most inspiring to me.

He reminded us that "Digital Preservation Project" have to be conceived with the needs of interest groups in mind.

With interests from the academic groups who see the needs to preserve the objects, pictures or photographs etc, funding will follow.

Start with manageable and low hanging fruits first and move on to the higher goal.

It is not a "Zero or All" game. You can do comprehensive digital preservation steps by steps, not all at once!

1330 – 1400 NTU Library Tour (Business Library) & Registration

1400 – 1405 Welcome Speech: Mr. Choy Fatt Cheong, University Librarian, Nanyang Technological University Mr. Ziv BenZvi, Vice President, Ex Libris Asia Pacific

1405 – 1450 Overview of the world of digital preservation: Mr. Nir Sherwinter, Rosetta Business Analysis & Implementation Manager

1450 – 1535 Building a Digital Library for Binghamton University: Mr. John M. Meador, Jr, Dean of Libraries, Binghamton University

1535 – 1605 Tea break

1605 – 1650 Rosetta Overview & Live Demonstration: Mr. Nir Sherwinter, Rosetta Business Analysis & Implementation Manager

1650 – 1700 Q&A

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