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Sunday, October 02, 2011

How to Turn an Old Book into a Secret Hiding Place

I think most of my friends who have old books that they do not like to read may like to recycle the book this way!

I just find the ideas useful and creative!

How to Turn an Old Book into a Secret Hiding Place

Step 1: Select a hardcover book at least 1½ inches thick. Open the book and bind the first 10 or 20 pages with a paper clip.

Step 2: Mix the white craft glue with water. Using a foam brush, apply the mixture to the edges of the non-clipped pages, holding them tightly together.

Step 3: Use a spacer to separate the glued pages from the clipped pages and allow 30 minutes to dry. Add the weight to keep the pages flat.

Step 4: Open the book to the first glued page and, using your straight edge, draw a rectangle, leaving a half- inch border around the edges.

Step 5: Cut along the lines using your craft knife or box cutter. Cut the pages until you reach the back cover. This may take a while because you'll need to remove pages in sections.

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