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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vtec and Civica

As one of the trainers for "Support General Reference" course held on Aug 2-3, I received the following enquiry from one of the trainees this week, as I find it would be helpful to others who have the same concern, I just post the details of the enquiry and my reply here:

Dear Dexterine,

I have enjoyed the workshop and find it very useful.

Thanks to you and the other trainer as well as all the participants who are very kind and enthusiastic to share their knowledge and experience!
On the other hand, may I ask if you have any database/software to recommend for our library management of about 800 book collections?   

Basically we are just using MS Excel to record, access and view our library collections which I’m not able to share the access with our students.

We also do not have the loan service at the moment. Our books are for reading inside library only. However, we have two computer terminals which students can use for internet browsing. It would be helpful if there is a database they can check through and be able to make a search for titles or authors from our book collection list rather than physically browsing through the shelves.

Your expert advice would be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thank you and have a nice day!

With best regards,

Signed by the trainee
Here is my reply:

When I was in Temasek Polytechnic, we have the Vtec systems to help us.
I think it is good for a small library to look at systems that do not cost a lot and Vtec is one of them.

During TP time, Vtec provided us with free access and support and it helped us to do training without worrying about budgeting for systems.

Nevertheless, it was 10 over years since I left TP and TP had closed the teaching department and no TP academic can give your any feedback on the system.

You may look at their web pages and get more info:

VTEC Systems (Asia) Pte. Ltd.- the dynamic portal in Library Management System.

Write to them to get more info!

However, in most schools in Singapore,

"A group led by Civica has been chosen to develop innovative learning technology for one of the five ‘FutureSchools’ in Singapore, in a $S80 million ($A61.9 million) four-year project ."

you may also make enquiry on their service to small library.

Hope the above info is helpful!


Dexterine Ho
(All the personal information in the email is being removed. The contents of the sender's email and my reply is being edited to make the enquiry and reply informative!)

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