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Friday, May 27, 2011

OCLC record: Ho Soo Miang: part 2

I just received the training password for CU3: Support Bibliographic Control Work whicn will be used for the June intakes under LAS WSQ Level 2 training at NTU One-North.

After successful login to, I did a test search with my name: Ho Soo Miang, and a brief display was shown on the screen:

If you compare it with the one I showed in part 1, you will notice the difference.

After checking, I noticed the current "Search Results" shown "Current display is brief list"

Hence, it is not the same as the first screen display in part 1 which shows "Current display is default list".

As there were three ways of displaying the search results, I just had a look at the last choice "Current list is truncated list":

It looks very much like the one in part 1 "Current display is brief list".

From the simple test, I find it rather interesting to note that the "default list" is not the default one.

Since the password is being used by a group of users, the default setting can be changed by any one who used it before you. The changes done by the last user will be stored in the system as selected setting and the "default" setting is being replaced!

The default setting can only be viewed by the first user when the password is being used the first time. Any user who uses the system subsequently will see the changes made by the previous user and the system will not reset it to the default whenever the user logs out.

Hence, it is good to take note of such limitation in our training.

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