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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OCLC record: Ho Soo Miang: part 1


Just to share my joys of locating OCLC record under my full name "Ho Soo Miang".

I have all the printed copy of the original texts which are listed in the database.

The text for Items 1-7 is in Chinese; it was my Dissertation (BA Hons.) when I did my degree course in History from Nanyang University.

NUS has the handwritten original Thesis in 1978 as well as the printed version published by Southseas Society in 1979 (one year after my graduation).

Other overseas libraries had acquired the printed copy. Hence, in OCLC it was catalogued as a Thesis, then a Monograph series title, etc...

The text for Item 8 was in English and was written after my sharing session with academic staff at Insitute of Education, Singapore (Now IE is NIE since it was merged with NTU in 1990).

I was the Reference Librarian in 1986 and conducted information and database seaching session which was something new and innovative. Wtih the encouragement from some academic staff and Mr Jim Davies, the Chief Librarian , the document was sent to ERIC (Education Resource Information Centre) Clearing House for their reviewing.

It was selected and then indexed as an ERIC document. If you have the ERIC database, you may see the record in full details with all the ERIC descriptors and identifiers etc...

NIE Library in Singapore has the orginal full text in printed copy, ED document in microfiche and electronic file.

A great discovery to me and it makes my day!


Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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