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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dexterine's life journey with LAS (Library Association of Singapore): Part 1 of 5

Here is something I wrote and forwarded to Nurul at NLB ( as a Volunteer Memory Agent after attending a Saturday morning "Singapore Memory workshop" in June at NLB!

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Dexterine Ho


Dear Nurul,

I wanted to write more, yet time is not with me now!

Here is something simple and easy for me to start with:


Dexterine's life journey with LAS (Library Association of Singapore)


If you are a librarian, you would know what LAS stands for: Library Association of Singapore.

If you are not working in the library and information field, LAS may not be anything significant in your life journey. You may just skip this article.

For those who are still reading, please note that unless you would like to know more about library professionals and their links with their professional organisation, you may find the article irrelavant to your experience of memory in Singapore.

History of LAS

"The LAS traced its history to the days when Malaysia and Singapore were not independent yet. In the 1950s, Singapore was a British colony, and Malaysia, then known as the Federation of Malaya, was a British protectorate. At that time, libraries and librarians in the two territories were far and few. Only a handful of government research libraries and a few subscription libraries existed, the latter, as Jean Waller had described, "masquerading'' as public libraries."

(Source of information: Library Association of Singapore: About us

If you are keen to learn more about the history of LAS, just read the webpage cited above.

Dexterine's life journey with the library world in general and LAS (Library Association of Singapore) in particular

As this article is about 150 words, if you would though like to take a glimpse into some of my personal experiences of the library world in general and LAS in particular, just read on and visit "Travel down memory lane with Dexterine" at to get more.

You will find out some facts and views about librarians from the my personal perspective, the state of development of librarianship and the professional association through my personal life encounters.

Notes: Since I know very little about the library world and LAS before 1981, I look forward to reading other senior librarians’ write-ups to fill my knowledge gap about the first 25 years of Library world in Singapore and LAS history.

To start, I have the following Q and A for easy narration:

Q: Why did Dexterine become a librarian?

Teaching was her first career prospect and librarianship, her second. Since she could not become a teacher in the 1980s, she chose to become a librarian. To her, librarians and teachers are all helping others to share the fruits of knowledge.

End of Part One, to be continued...

If you would though like to have a glimpse into some of her personal experiences of LAS, read "Travel down memory lane with Dexterine" at to get more or wait for Part Two of this post.


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