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Sunday, March 01, 2015

CNY gathering on 28 Feb 2015

This year we met on the 10th day of the Goat year as the earlier date on 7th day of CNY was not a preferred choice.

Wen Wen hosted this round of gathering again for the History classmates. Original date planned for this year's gathering was the auspicious day: the 7th day which was "人日".

Unfortunately, it was a working day and too many classmates were not able to take time off. Since it was not possible to have a week day get together,  it was then switch to the nearest Saturday.

Wen Wen managed to have 5 classmates confirmed their visit instead of only 2 to 3 on the earlier date.

She took the opportunity to invite her ex colleague, Mr Lim Phing Seng, so our group photo look more impressive than last year!

from left to right :
Soo Miang, Peck Gan, Phing Seng, Kheng Kwang, Geok Kee, Wen Wen and Sin Week


Thanks 新瑋 for forwarding the photo!

也谢谢庆光: 转述的货币战争内容,让人不读原著也可以有所得!

Thanks to 温文for the delicious and special CNY 大上海饭店点心!




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