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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dialogue in the Dark: DiD

This morning, I went with my friend to Ngee Ann Polytechnic and experienced a tour in the campus called "Dialogue in the Dark."

From this tour, I experience navigating my way in the dark, feel and touch of the wall which makes walking in the dark possible.

With the guide, Hans, we are able to experience taking "River taxi" in the dark, use our hands to read signage, base on touch and felt to distinguish various types of vegetables, fruits and smell spices like clove.  We have a cup of coffee in the dark, and learn to put sugar and cream on our own. Drinking coffee and eating biscuit all in total darkness make us taste them better.

One thing I learned: blind people seldom fall as there are so careful in walking using the walking stick as an aid. 

If you wonder how you can go through your daily routine without seeing anything, the tour will inspire you!

I think it makes us treasure what we have and understand how the visually impaired cope with life.  

Here is the information from:


Dialogue in the Dark: DiD    

About DiD Singapore 

What if you had to go through your daily routine without seeing anything?

Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) Singapore puts visitors in everyday situations - except in complete darkness. Simple things like crossing the street or visiting a hawker centre suddenly become extraordinary challenges.

Visitors must navigate the exhibition in the dark, with the help of guides who are blind. This is a fresh kind of experiential learning, very hands-on and thought-provoking.

The sensory adventure of Dialogue in the Dark Singapore offers a unique learning opportunity for visitors of all ages.

Darkness opens visitors to new ways of experiencing the world around them. Visitors learn what it means to live without sight. In having to navigate darkened environments, they also appreciate the value of effective communication and understand those who see the world differently.

Dialogue in the Dark Singapore is an exclusive collaboration between Ngee Ann Polytechnic (through Social Lab Ltd) and Dialogue Social Enterprise. Originally founded in Germany, Dialogue in the Dark has reached 30 countries and more than 150 cities across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas since 1988.

Over 6 million visitors worldwide have experienced what it means to hear, smell, taste and touch things without being able to see them.

Singapore’s exhibition is the first permanent Dialogue in the Dark site in Southeast Asia, and the first in the world located within an educational institution.

Strategically sited in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Dialogue in the Dark Singapore is a teaching and learning facility for Ngee Ann students.

Young people studying relevant diplomas also help in the running of Dialogue in the Dark Singapore, giving them valuable experience in running a real social enterprise. In addition, our staff and students conduct research into issues facing the disabled in Singapore.

Dialogue in the Dark Singapore offers tours, Lunch in the Dark and we conduct Educational Workshops for Upper Primary and Secondary school students. We also offer Corporate Workshops for adult professionals, focusing on team-building, communication and leadership.


Dialogue in the Dark Singapore aims to raise awareness and facilitate inclusion of marginalized people in our community. Our vision of social integration goes beyond just helping the blind. In the darkness, we can no longer see differences of race, class, and religion.

We also believe more employment opportunities should be given to the disabled. Dialogue in the Dark Singapore only employs the blind as guides in the dark rooms of our exhibition.

  • Increase social awareness of people with visual and other impairments
  • Change mindsets to encourage and promote an inclusive society
  • Promote employment for the disabled, in partnership with community-minded companies and organisations

Try to experience it yourself and you will learn a lot through your own journey!

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